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Answer any questions your visitors may have with a ChatGPT chatbot trained on your data. Easily add the chat widget to your website for fast and real-time support.

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Thrivebase Chatbots and Documents

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Elevate Website Engagement

Create an interactive, enjoyable and engaging experience on your website for your visitors with our chatbots powered by AI.

Rapid Support and Better Interaction

Provide real-time and fast responses to customer inquiries at lightning speed compared to manual methods.

Increase Revenue

Happier visitors can more easily be turned into loyal customers, leading to sales and revenue growth.


Build a chatbot with Steve Jobs's biography by Walter Isaacson

Build Your Own Chatbot Powered by AI

Build and deploy your chatbot in 3 easy steps

1. Upload your data

Upload your text, webpages, sitemaps, CSVs, or PDFs.

2. Style and adjust settings

Style your chatbot and adjust its AI settings.

3. Add to your website

Now that your chatbot is ready, you can add it to your website.

Never make your users wait again

Immediate Replies

Allow your website to answer user questions instantly with AI and enhance visitor engagement.

Accurate Responses.
Trained with your data and providing ChatGPT-like replies.
Conversation History.
Keep track of how your chatbot performs with detailed logs of each conversation taking place.
Highly Customizable.
Easily adapt its style to ensure it seamlessly aligns with your brand's unique tone and personality.
Audio Option.
Allow the user to interact with your chatbot using his voice for an increased convenience.
Thrivebase Chatbots and Documents

Connect with your visitors

Collect Valuable Leads

Build connections and grow your customer base effortlessly from your website.

Versatile Lead Collection.
Gather valuable contact details such as phone numbers or email addresses, using your choice from our flexible methods, whether it's user-friendly forms or intelligent data extraction, tailored to your preferences.
Export to CSV.
Seamless export gathered leads to a CSV document, simplifying data management and compatibility with your current systems.
Get notified by email every time your chatbot collects a lead.
Thrivebase Chatbots and Documents

Collect additional data

Feedback & Requests

Thrivebase simplifies the collection of feedback and requests, offering insights into user satisfaction and facilitating continuous improvement.

Feedback and Requests Collection.
Provide users with a short form to collect their feedback and requests.
User Centric.
Empower users with a direct channel to voice their desires and suggest features. This approach encourages user-centric product development, immediate feature request logging, and alignment with user expectations.
Export to CSV.
Effortlessly transfer collected submissions into a CSV document for easy data management and integration.
Get notified by email every time your chatbot collects a user submission.
Thrivebase Chatbots and Documents

No-code platform


We make it easy for you to build and deploy customizable chatbots for your business with your data powered by AI in minutes.

No limits on the amount of chatbots you get
Embed on unlimited websites
Upload multiple files and website links
GPT-3.5 or GPT-4
Voice access via microphone
Capture leads, feedback & requests
Detailed chatbot conversation history
Complete chatbot customization

Easily embed on various platforms


Use cases

Adjust your chatbot as you see fit

Customer Service

24/7 AI customer support agent, fully trained and knowledgeable about your business and products, engaging with your website visitors in a friendly, conversational manner.

Personal Assistant

Based on the data you have uploaded (web pages, sitemaps, files, or text), feel free to ask your chatbot anything you wish and generate useful content to help you with your work.

Sales Assistant

Transform your chatbot into a sales assistant which helps customers with any questions and inquiries they may have, capturing their contact info and thrive engagement.

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